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kirihara akaya drawing

i drawed kirihara akaya (without an actual picture of him so it may not look like it -__-) :D:D lately i've been in the prince of tennis fandom, kirihara x marui became my favorite now :P i can't insert an image in here somehow so i will just put the link to the image here:


livejournal works again :D:D horay!!!~ so here is the picture:

Editing Kingdom hearts

Yay!~  \(^-^)/
I can do it!~  my first time working with photoshop (serious)

This was the picture:

And this is what i made ^^:

Hope you all like it ^^
I like Xion x Roxas :)


I've made 2 Jinda vids now,
I want to make more but I always have trouble picking a song so...
if you have a suggestion then let me know!~
Byebye!~ ^^

My Drawings


I made a video with my drawings! ~ ^^
Please watch it, here's the link:

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgOUDpNPgRM   <--
Here is one of my drawings:

Jinda video!~


I made another Jinda video!~
Hope you enjoy, you can watch it in High Quality and please comment on livejournal or youtube ^^

Follow the link:

----->   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM9Cg-YXF7I    <-----

Jinda puzzle!~


Here is a Jinda puzzle ^^
Hope you all like it!~
If you follow the link you can see the puzzle below.

The link:

-------> http://five.flash-gear.com/npuz/puz.php?c=v&id=3203178&k=87011806 <------

This is the picture that is the puzzle:

A good sentence / phrase


I'm currently making a Ueda picture ^^
I want to put a phrase / sentence on it but I can't imagine a beautiful phrase for Tat-chan,
Please help me ^^'

Thank you!~



So today is Ueda's Birthday :D :D
I hope you'll keep singing for a long time!~

A Jinda video


I've made a Jinda vid!~   \(^^)/
I've read a fanfic and this song was in the ending (actually a Ryoda fanfic)
I really liked the song so I made a video
Hope you like it!~
Please comment on Youtube or here on Livejournal

Ps. You can watch in high quality
Pps. Hope you like the picture too that I made ^^

----->    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-ycwnEyX00 <-----

Shounen Club with Ueda :)

Can someone tell me in which episodes Ueda Tatsuya came on Shounen Club and upload it??
I only know and saw 3 June 2007 ( with Nakamaru singing Yorokobi no Uta)

Thank you!~